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Emergency Info


Adult visitors and parent volunteers are welcome at school during the day, however, for the safety of our students, they must first check in with the office.  All visitors and volunteers are required to sign-in and will be given an identification sticker to wear throughout the day.

  • If you wish to talk to a teacher, please contact the office by phone or note to set up an appointment or visitation time.

Paramount Safety & Emergency Protocols

Disaster Preparedness

Paramount School has a disaster plan in the event of an emergency situation.  This is a district-wide program designed to provide temporary shelter and assistance to our students.  Regular drills are held to assure that students and staff are aware of their roles in an emergency situation.  During an actual emergency, gates will be locked and students will be released from the gate in front of the office.

To ensure an accurate account for every student and maintain their safety, we ask that you please adhere to the following procedures to pick-up your child in case of an emergency or disaster:

  • Arrive at school as soon as possible.  To leave the parking lot clear for emergency vehicles, we ask that you please park your vehicle on the street and walk onto the campus.
  • Go to the Main Gate in front of the school.
  • Form one line.  Please remember, other parents, are also there to pick-up their children. Show your ID and give the name of the child you are going to pick-up.  Students will only be released to parents or designees listed on the emergency disaster card.  Wait for your child in the waiting area.  Your child will be escorted to the waiting area by a school employee.  If your child is injured, you will be escorted to the First Aid Station.


Medication of any kind cannot be dispensed at school for any reason unless a completed form with written directions from a physician is on file in the school office. This includes aspirin, cough syrup, inhalers, or any other cold/flu remedies.  Students are not permitted to carry medication of any kind to or from school.  Medication must be brought to the office, with the proper forms, by an adult.

Emergency Information Cards

Emergency information cards for students are filled out at the beginning of each year.  Students will not be released, during school hours, to anyone whose name is not listed on the emergency card.  When work, cell or home phone numbers change, please notify the office immediately.  If your phone is temporarily disconnected, please send a note or call the office with a phone number where the school can get a message to you if necessary.

Azusa PD Safety Information

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